Dupré Logistics


For Reggie Dupré, finding a reliable transporter to deliver fuel to his small service station in rural Louisiana proved difficult.

Frustrated with being overlooked by higher-volume haulers and fully prepared to tackle the problem himself, he founded Dupré Transport in Lafayette in 1980 as a specialized hauler of bulk liquid commodities. Initially, he had only two trucks — one being a spare used for parts — but he aimed to fill the marketplace void for reliable fuel distribution.

Dupré began transporting his own product and soon was asked to provide services for other independent retailers. In 1986, Dupré acquired Fogleman Truck Line, a dry goods transporter dating back to 1932. Two acquisitions later and Dupré was en route to becoming the diverse logistics service provider it is today. Soon after, the company expanded its reach into Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Oklahoma as a fuel hauler, and grew its over-the-road capacity. Bolstered by a robust economy, Dupré grew from a truckload fleet into brokerage, traffic management, and dedicated fleets.

Safe Service That’s Profitable

Today, Dupré Logistics operates approximately 750 trucks, employs over 1,100 professional drivers, and has established a network of 10,000 preferred carriers for its SCS group. Dupré operates from hubs near major metropolitan areas and serves all of the contiguous 48 states and parts of Canada and Mexico.

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