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We are thankful that you are considering us for your career.

We invite you to do some research on us and ask around. Dupré is a company that people join not just for a job, but for a career. Many of us have been with the company for several years and some even for decades. These long-term relationships with other team members and customers over time has enabled us to be able to serve our customers better, which benefits everyone.

Our goal is to be the ideal place to work.

So, our hiring standards are higher, and our vetting process a little longer, but once you become part of the team you’re happier and here a lot longer.

This is our mission and values, which is posted throughout our facilities:

  • Values

    Safe Operation: Safe operating practices; the only way!

    Service: Superior performance for our customers.

    Financial Performance: Profits are required to benefit our customers, our team members, and our company.

    Our Team Members: Our greatest treasure! We invest in and reward loyalty, knowledge, performance, and a desire
    for growth.

    Relationships: Long-term with shared stakes for our customers, our team members, and our company.

    Continuous Improvement: Creative thinking and shared knowledge are employed to perform better today than yesterday.

  • Vision

    Dupré Logistics is a diversified transportation and logistics company that will be:

    The SAFEST transportation and logistics company in North America.

    A CUSTOMER FOCUSED company that develops solutions and delivers flawless service while continuously improving safety, service, and total logistics costs.

    A GROWING AND PROFITABLE company as defined by our strategic plans.

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is to design and deliver a safe and profitable logistics solutions and services that help our customers beat their competition.

  • Mission

    Safe Service That’s Profitable.


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