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Advanced Predictive Analytics

Dupré is one of a select few logistics companies worldwide that looks to the future, not just on past statistics, to reduce mishaps.

Our partnership with Omnitracs illustrates – and partially accounts for – our industry leading safety results.

In 2005 Dupré Logistics began a pilot project using data aggregation and pattern recognition technology to identify risk signatures of drivers, vehicles and schedules. The pilot focused on which drivers were most likely to be involved in an accident or service failure. The production phase began in the first quarter of 2006, enabling Dupré to devise new risk management and performance monitoring strategies with the aim of simultaneously reducing operational costs and mitigating risks.

The primary business objective of the production implementation has been to combine historical data with the current month’s operational data to predict next month’s safety performance. In order to accomplish this, Omnitracs implemented a new processing platform at Dupré which consists of the following:

“Near” real-time interfaces to primary operational systems:

  • QUALCOMM FleetAdvisor® fleet management system
  • Circadian Alertness Simulator
  • TMW dispatch system
  • Profile XT – driver profiling
  • Dupré’s internal accident & incident system
  • Dupré’s internal human resources and training programs
  • Dupré’s internal vehicle & fixed asset systems
  • Interfaces to external data such as population density, zip code, weather, traffic
  • New predictive models incorporating the expanded data sets

At the end of each month the predictive models rank current drivers against a statistical and demographic profile of Dupré Logistics theoretical best and safest driver. Each tier represents one third of the current driver population. Tier 1 drivers represent the “best and safest” while Tier 3 represents those needing the most attention. At the end of each month, actual accident results are compared to the model’s predictions. Tier 1 drivers (210 in total) have been responsible for only 6% of all preventable accidents in the aggregate, while Tier 3 drivers (210 in total) have been responsible for 65% of the overall accidents. This predictive segmentation allows Dupré to focus its training and risk mitigation efforts on a small subset of their drivers, rather than the entire driver team.

“To our knowledge, this is the most sophisticated predictive modeling platform developed within the transportation industry,” said Sam Wilkes, Chairman at Omnitracs Advisors. “We know of no other system that utilizes multiple predictive modeling disciplines with a large relational database which aggregates ‘near’ real-time telematics data, in-vehicle sensor information, human physiology, human psychology, client demographics, along with external data such as population density, traffic, weather, etc.”

Based on the initial results of the production system, Dupré’s management team has designed a suite of targeted risk management and performance monitoring strategies which include:

  • Focused driver training programs
  • New Safety Field Representative training
  • Terminal and management scorecards
  • Driver scorecards and enhanced incentive programs
  • Alerts from in-vehicle technology
  • Dispatch training and incentive programs
  • A modified recruiting and retention program

Mr. Wilkes of Omnitracs Advisors noted, “The transportation and logistics industry continues to make significant investments in both in-vehicle technology and back-end processing systems. Predictive analytics creates additional value from the massive amounts of data and allows progressive and forward thinking companies to develop more advanced business intelligence applications.”

About Omnitracs

Omnitracs puts the power of Knowledge-Driven Risk Management in the hands of fleet owners, giving them the ability to operate safer and more profitable fleets by integrating sophisticated data modeling analytics with a complete range of in-vehicle, fleet and driver monitoring technologies. The company is led by industry experts with over 100 years of experience in insurance-related technology, vehicle and driver safety programs, fleet telematics, event data recording (“black box technology”) and general business operations. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. For additional information visit www.omnitracs.com/.

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