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AIM is the name of our safety system developed by Dr. Jim Bennett of Loss Prevention Systems to prevent or reduce incidents using behavior-based tools and proven management techniques.

Its objective is to provide all employees with a safe, healthy, incident-free workplace. We chose AIM because it proved successful in different applications across numerous industries and cultures. AIM is a product of 25 years of industrial experience and research.

Why has AIM been Successful?

Historically, focus has been on unsafe conditions, not unsafe activities. Recent research indicates 90% of incident root causes are related to work activity behavior while only 10% are related to work conditions. AIM is a behavior-based system that focuses primarily on the 90%.

Basic Concepts of AIM

  • Direction from top-down, solve problems from bottom-up.
  • Different roles and responsibilities.
  • Proactive versus reactive.
  • We integrate AIM with daily business activities.
  • “Understand, believe, practice.”
  • Dupré has tailored tools to the needs and characteristics of the organization.

Six AIM tools:

  • Safe Performance Self-Assessment (SPSA)
  • Incident Investigation (II)
  • Near Miss (NMI)
  • Incident Prevention Observation (IPO)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Stewardship
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