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Responsible Care

General Information

In 1988, the American Chemistry Council launched Responsible Care® to respond to public concerns about the manufacture and use of chemicals. Through Responsible Care®, member companies are committed to support a continuing effort to improve the industry’s responsible management of chemicals. Responsible Care® is an obligation of membership in the American Chemistry Council, and requires member companies to:

  • Continually improve their health, safety and environmental performance
  • Listen and respond to public concerns
  • Assist each other to achieve optimum performance
  • Report their goals and progress to the public

Guiding Principles

As a partner in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative, Dupré Logistics is committed to support these Guiding Principles.

Our industry creates products and services that make life better for people around the world — both today and tomorrow. The benefits of our industry are accompanied by enduring commitments to Responsible Care® in the management of chemicals worldwide. We will make continuous progress toward the vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment and will publicly report our global health, safety and environmental performance. We will lead our companies in ethical ways that increasingly benefit society, the economy and the environment while adhering to the following principles:

  • To seek and incorporate public input regarding our products and operations.
  • To provide chemicals that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.
  • To make health, safety, the environment and resource conservation critical considerations for all new and existing products and processes.
  • To provide information on health or environmental risks and pursue protective measures for employees, the public and other key stakeholders.
  • To work with customers, carriers, suppliers, distributors and contractors to foster the safe use, transport and disposal of chemicals.
  • To operate our facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public.
  • To support education and research on the health, safety and environmental effects of our products and processes.
  • To work with others to resolve problems associated with past handling and disposal practices.
  • To lead in the development of responsible laws, regulations and standards that safeguard the community, workplace and environment.
  • To practice Responsible Care® by encouraging and assisting others to adhere to these principles and practices.

Seven Codes of Management Practices

At the heart of the Responsible Care® initiative are the seven Codes of Management

  • The Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) Code
  • The Pollution Prevention Code
  • The Process Safety Code
  • The Distribution Code
  • The Employee Health and Safety Code
  • The Product Stewardship Code
  • The Security Code

Dialogue With the Public

With the help of environmentalists, educators, and health and safety specialists, we seek to identify and address public concerns. This is accomplished through community advisory panels.

Members and Partners submit reports annually on their progress in implementing each of the Codes. These self- evaluations provide a measure of company progress and are a valuable management tool for American Chemistry Council and individual companies in directing assistance efforts.

Measures of Performance
Recognizing the need for measurement that goes beyond self-evaluations, performance measures exist for each of the Codes. Through these measures, for the progress American Chemistry Council members and Partners are making in carrying out Responsible Care®.

Performance Goals
Members and Partners establish company-specific goals against which they measure progress. Company goals are intended to reflect the concerns and expectations of the company and its stakeholders. Members and Partners publicly report progress towards achieving their goals each year.

Click the following website to view member and Partner Performance Goals www.responsiblecare.com/goals.

Management Systems Verification
The Management Systems Verification process assists members and Partners in their management and implementation of Responsible Care®. The process provides participating companies with an external view of the effectiveness of their management systems for carrying out Responsible Care® and helps demonstrate the integrity of the initiative to key audiences.

Mutual Assistance
Direct company-to-company mutual assistance has surfaced as one of the most effective methods for advancing Responsible Care®. Members and Partners at the executive contact, Responsible Care® Coordinator and practitioner levels regularly share information through the mutual assistance network, often through state chemical associations, which are vital to the success of the network.

Partnership Program
The Partnership Program provides an opportunity for those who otherwise may not be eligible for membership in American Chemistry Council to participate directly in the Responsible Care® initiative. Companies that take ownership or possession of chemicals and chemical-related associations are eligible for membership in the Responsible Care® Partnership Program.

Obligation of Membership
The American Chemistry Council bylaws obligate member companies and Partners to participate in Responsible Care® as defined by the Board. This includes ascribing to the Guiding Principles, participating in the development of the initiative and making good faith efforts to implement the program elements of the Responsible Care® initiative.

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