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By the Numbers: The State of Transportation Part 1

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

We’ve compiled numbers from a variety of sources, including the DOT, to create our first in a series of three BY THE NUMBERS infographics.


  • 30%- Percentage of applicants that are unable to pass a background/drug test
  • 52- The average age of a truck driver
  • 80%- Rate that motor vehicle fatality has decreased in the last 50 years
  • $52,300- Highest salary for truck drivers, held in Alaska (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017)
  • $42,480- Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers median annual wages (May 2017)
  • 6%- Percentage of drivers that are age 35 and under
  • 100,950- The number of active US DOT  numbers is  (FMCSA 2016)
  • The driver shortage in 2016 was 60,000 it’s predicted to be 180,000 by 2026
  • Top 10 driver-related factors for large truck and bus fatal crashes

              1. Speeding

             2. Distraction

             3. Failure to yield right of way

             4. Impairment

             5. Vision obscured

             6. Careless driving

             7. Failure to keep in proper lane

             8. Failure to obey traffic sign

             9. Following improperly

             10. Over correcting

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