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Can A Vendor’s Dirty Truck Hurt Your Business?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You’re saving some money. Who can blame you, after all we’re all under pressure to cut costs. So what if the LTL provider’s truck isn’t new or shiny. Yeah, it’s a little dirty (you could scribble you name in the dust), but so what? How’s that hurt you, after all you name isn’t on the truck; no one even knows your stuff is in it.

Well, maybe it’s not that clear. Your customers and employees see these trucks when they are loading or unloading at your location. Their opinions of you will be affected. All that conversation about superior quality, attention to detail or your safety initiatives lose value because what they see doesn’t align with what they hear.

The next time a member of your sales team is negotiating with procurement, those impressions could impact the outcome. It’s called “The Broken Window Theory.” It’s the little noticeable things that signal and influence action, far more than strategy or presentations.

It is important to work with vendors who show the same level of care and professionalism in their materials and actions as you do in yours. You will be judged by the vendors you choose to work with as well as by your own direct actions. They become part of your business in the eyes of both your customers and your employees.

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