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Dupré Presents Unique Safety Perspective at Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reggie Dupré, CEO of Dupré Logistics, spoke about the company’s innovative safety program at the annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in a panel titled: How Regulations & Customer Demand are Driving Safety Technology Forward. Dupré provided the unique perspective as an operator who relies on recruiting, retaining, training and knowing their drivers who implement the company safety program with the assistance of technology. In recent years, Dupré’s safety program and team have been recognized nationally for their innovation and “Always Forward Thinking” approach to safety.

“Technological standards and safety innovations are a part of the equation. However, the most impactful piece of the safety puzzle is our people. Simply putting the right person in the truck and helping them to get better makes a big difference in all aspects of the business,” said Reggie Dupré.

Reggie Dupré joined Tim Lafon, Director of Regulatory Affairs for Volvo Trucks, Scott Burkhart, Vice President and General Manager of Bendix Electronics, and Rebecca Brewster, President & COO of American Transportation Research Institute, for the panel at the Dallas conference. The other program participants represented a perspective on equipment, technology and research while Dupré provided an on-the-ground insight into what works in a safety program.

Dupré’s safety program utilizes equipment, technology and research as part of their safety program. However, the company recognizes that their team members hold the key to success. That is the main reason for the overall Dupre’ Logistics personnel strategy called “The Ideal Place to Work.” The company wants to have the best people in the industry so Dupre’ can give the best service. In order to do this, Dupre’ needs to have the best jobs to have the best people. The company also has an advanced understanding of fatigue and what is does to the body. They apply this knowledge of the body’s physiology to create and manage driver schedules that are both beneficial for the client and allow the driver to have optimum performance.

Additionally, Dupré utilizes technology to monitor performance indicators of each driver. The company places a great importance on communicating the results to those behind the wheel. The safety monitoring mechanisms open the door for communication so that drivers are always seeking continuous safe service and improvement.

About Dupré Logistics: Dupré Logistics, LLC is a team of professionals who design and deliver safe, diversified solutions and services for quality-focused clients committed to increasing their competitive advantage. Dupré has more than 1,300 team members and is headquartered in Lafayette, La.

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