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Ecology & Safety: A Match Made in Heaven

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Businesses are used to making compromises. If they want to be eco-friendly, they prepare to pay more in costs. If they want more safety, they need to work harder. People believe that to make an “improvement,” you also have to make some sort of “compromise.”

But not every improvement needs to be offset by negative consequences, even in business. One such match: ecology and safety, two tenets of effective logistics that often go hand-in-hand. Let’s explore how.

Energy Costs and Energy Independence

One major road block to energy independence is simple: cost. Higher costs for domestic energy supplies make it difficult to achieve energy independence. For businesses, high energy costs are often linked with inefficiencies—and when it comes to energy, inefficiency is not eco-friendly.

Reducing both your carbon footprint and your energy costs is not only plausible, but is an option that’s readily available to you. At Dupre, for example, our logistics expertise allows us to serve our client base by improving energy efficiency and providing greater control over the energy used.

Safe Chemical Transportation

Ensuring that your impact on the environment isn’t only about good ecology, however; you also need to ensure safety. The proper and responsible transportation of chemicals is a key component of our safety process at Dupre—but we also consider it an ecological consideration. Spilled chemicals can be highly damaging to the environment and the bottom line; in this case, it’s more cost-effective to transport chemicals safely and responsibly.

Ecology, energy, and cost-effectiveness can go hand in hand when you work with a logistics supporter that offers an entire range of experience and efficiency. Once your company stops making “compromises” and starts making “improvements,” you’ll not only realize that it’s possible, but that it’s the new way of conducting business in the 21stcentury.

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