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How We Impact the Challenge of Chemical Manufacturers

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The movement of hazardous materials between chemical manufacturers and their intended destination is a challenging, yet necessary piece of the logistics industry. Tank trucks haul products that have a direct impact on the economy; from gasoline to agricultural products, their movement is essential to oureconomyin North America. The National Tank Truck Industry states that recent data estimates the tank truck industry hauls 2.4 billion tons of freight yearly, which equals 25.6% of all truck freight (9.6 billion tons.)

The movement of these products can present a number of challenges for the chemical manufacturer, and requires them to partner with an expert logistics company to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of product to the appropriate destination. Here at Dupre Logistics, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a large number of chemical manufacturers; through these partnerships, we’ve identified the following common challenges and essential ways to positively impact these challenges for our customers, creating a safe, cost effective and highly efficient supply chain.

Challenges for Chemical Manufacturers

Challenges exist for everyone within the trucking industry. Increases in regulations, the ongoing driver shortage and changes in the economy directly affect the movement of product from manufacturer to destination. Within the chemical industry, these challenges are felt more acutely.

  1. Safety– this is of utmost importance within the trucking industry, and especially when hauling chemicals. Incidents that include chemicals typically draw a lot of attention, and the need for a trusted, experienced logistics partner is critical for chemical manufacturers. They can ensure the safe transport of your product, and virtually eliminate the possibility of an incident within the plant. Partnering with a highly professional, experienced chemical hauler like Dupré, is imperative for the safe transport of chemical products.
  1. Capacity– at times, chemical manufacturers run into delays with production that require a dedicated carrier to work closely with the production staff to ensure trucks are available when and where the manufacturer needs them. When you partner with a carrier like Dupré, they work closely with the manufacturer’s supply chain and production employees to ensure product is being moved in a cost effective, efficient manner that can mitigate possible changes due to unavailable product or other unforeseen issues.
  1. Performance– the overall performance of the driver and logistics company reflects on the manufacturer. If drivers are rude to customers, if shipments don’t arrive on time, this presents a problem for the chemical manufacturer. Expert logistics companies, with highly trained, professional drivers, and years of experience in the chemical hauling business provide the highest and most efficient level of performance, ensuring a consistent delivery of product every time.
  1. Specialized equipment– the tank trucks and accompanying specialized equipment that is used to haul chemical is not only expensive, but requires a highly focused and well-trained driver to ensure its safety while in transit. When you work with an expert logistics company like Dupré, their knowledge of the chemical hauling industry can ensure specialized equipment is in place to ensure safety, increase driver productivity and provide the most cost-effective solution.
  1. High quality drivers– along with specialized equipment, the caliber of a tank truck driver cannot be understated. Drivers who move chemicals need to be well trained, professional and updated on any and all regulations associated with the product they are hauling. As a highly respected logistics company, Dupré has experienced minimal driver turnover and ensures all drivers are highly trained on the regulations and safety requirements of moving chemical products.
  1. Streamlined supply chain– many times, chemical manufacturers are working on an extremely tight schedule in getting their product loaded and on the road. Any little mistake, a tank truck not being washed out properly, for example, can create significant consequences and cause extensive delays within the overall supply chain. Working with an expert chemical hauler that also has supply chain management professionals streamlines the supply chain, and put systems in place to mitigate possible delays. An efficient supply chain enhances overall manufacturer performance and can decrease the overall supply chain cost structure.

The above challenges can significantly impact a chemical manufacturers bottom line and overall success in the marketplace. It’s essential to select and develop a true relationship with your logistics and supply chain partner, one who is knowledgeable about your products and process, to ensure the success of your business.

At Dupré we work closely with our chemical manufacturer clients to understand what they want to accomplish. Once we understand their goals and objectives, we work with them to develop a logistics and supply chain solution that meets their needs within the expected timeframe.

Case Study: Partnership between a Leading Water Treatment Chemicals Company and Dupré Logistics Increases Efficiency

Aleading provider of water treatment chemicals in North America has an in-house logistics division that drives customer service on the day-to-day operation of their business. Prior to partnering with Dupré, they managed their supply chain through a network of companies and owner/operators. Given the complexity of their distribution network, their supply management system lacked connectivity and the necessary efficiencies to ensure that their customers received the highest level of service in a safe and efficient manner.

After an in-depth assessment utilizing Dupré’s “Results-Based Supply Chain Management Process™,” a dedicated solution was designed to provide consistent, scalable capacity with a focus on safety and maximum asset utilization. This solution created supply chain efficiencies while enhancing service for their customers. Results include increased safety, reliability, stability, running efficiency and professionalism within their logistics system. They have strengthened customer satisfaction ratings since partnering with Dupré Logistics.

As you assess your needs as a chemical manufacturer, and require the services of safe and efficient logistics and supply chain management professionals, be sure your potential partner can positively impact the challenges that can arise while moving your product from point A to point B. Selecting an experienced, professional, forward-thinking logistics partner like Dupré can enhance your company’s performance, eliminate costs and help you become more competitive and profitable.

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