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Hurricane Laura Disaster Recovery Fund

Hurricane Laura Disaster Recovery Fund for Dupré Logistics Team Members

Hello to all you very important Dupré Team members.

As you know, we have had a number of team members in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast areas who have experienced Hurricane wind, flooding or damage to their homes as a result of Hurricane Laura.

We have many team members whose houses, cars, and personal possessions have been partially or totally lost. Many of you have already donated your time and money to help team members, friends, families, neighbors, and people you don’t even know recover from this Hurricane event. You are showing what we’re made of here at Dupré, great people. Let’s all pull together as this will be a long recovery and our people will need lots of support to get back on their feet.

Therefore, we have set up the Dupré Hurricane Laura Disaster Recovery Fund to help our team members impacted by Hurricane Laura on the Gulf Coast.

Steps to contribute and help our Team Members by September 28th:

  1. Send an email to the Corporate Payroll email address (payroll@duprelogistics.com) or Cheryl Boussard (cbbbroussard@duprelogistics.com)
  2. Give a note to your manager to send to Corporate Payroll on your behalf
  3. Dupré Logistics will match every dollar that our team members put into this fund. So if you choose to donate to this fund each dollar you put up will be matched by Dupré Logistics.
  4. Funds Distribution to all Team Members affected by Hurricane Laura in October after all money has been donated. Hurricane Laura Disaster Recovery Fund for Dupré Logistics Team Members

In closing, every dollar you donate to the Dupré Hurricane Laura Disaster Recovery Fund will be matched by the company which in essence doubles your donation. I’m proud to be part of this caring, generous, serving team. Thanks for everything you do to make yourself, our team members, and our company successful.

You may call Johnice Olivier (337-314-2287) if you have any questions concerning how to donate funds.

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