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Hurricane Preparedness a Key Logistics Factor in 2013?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Last year, Hurricane Sandy showed just how devastating a storm can be if it hits the wrong place at the wrong time. The results of Sandy were catastrophic: 285 fatalities, billions of dollars in damage, and entire properties wiped out.

It’s true: Hurricane Sandy might be a rare event even for some parts of the coastline. But not knowing when the next Sandy will hit you is not a reason for dismissing the possibility of future storms. Rather, you should be prepared for the worst. As so many people on the east coast found out in 2012, sometimes the worst does happen.

Put Your Hurricane Preparedness Plan into Place Today

At Dupre,we offer a number of helpful hints and suggestions to ensure that you’re as prepared for a hurricane as you can be. These tips and hints follow five specific goals: creating a supply kit, developing a plan for your family, having an escape route ready, securing your home, and planning for your pets.

In order to ensure that you’re ready for the next hurricane, be sure to have all of these goals met. You can find more about hurricane preparedness by clicking the link above.

Is Hurricane Preparedness Really Part of Business Logistics?

If you ask us, being ready for the worst possible scenarios is not only a part of effective logistics, but is a necessary piece of the puzzle. We call safety the “missing link” because so many logistics companies forget about emergency situations and how they can affect business. But how many companies that were affected by Sandy do you think wish they’d included hurricane preparedness in their overall logistics plans?

In 2013, the weather will be largely unpredictable. It’s preparing for this unpredictability that will give you the confidence to brave the year with a “full-steam-ahead” attitude.

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