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2022 Open Enrollment Letter 1

2022 Benefit Program and Open Enrollment – “Driving to Better Health”

Due to COVID-19, there will be no ONSITE meetings or ONSITE biometric screenings this year. 

You have three options to enroll remotely.

  1. Online Remote Benefits Enrollment: Go online to mybensite.com/duprelogistics to complete the online enrollment yourself. Complete between October 22nd & October 31st to be entered into our Online Remote Enrollment Raffle giveaways. Winners to be chosen on November 5th!
  2. Benefits Helpline Remote Benefits Enrollment: Complete your enrollment choices by calling our Benefits Helpline at (888) 297-8052. Complete between October 22nd & October 31st to be entered into our Online Remote Enrollment Raffle giveaways.  Winners to be chosen on November 5th!
  3. Schedule a Call Appointment Remote Benefits Enrollment: You can schedule a call with a Benefits Specialist between November 1st and  November 12th for assistance enrolling. You will receive an email about how to schedule your call in the coming weeks. For this option, you will not qualify for our Online Remote Enrollment Raffle. 

For the fifth straight year, Healthcare Premiums will remain the same despite the 5-8% trend in rising healthcare costs – a $0 increase in what you pay for premiums!

Qualify for our Online Remote Enrollment Raffle to win a year of free medical insurance for yourself, along with other great giveaways!!!  Just complete your Online Remote Benefits Enrollment by Oct 31st to be entered in our Online Remote Enrollment Raffle giveaways! Winners picked on November 5th!


Your current benefit elections will NOT automatically roll over. You are required to speak with a Benefit Specialist or go online and enroll in your 2022 benefits by November 24, 2021.

Open Enrollment for Dupre is here!

This letter has important information for you to consider and choose which plan works best for you and your family.

How can I reduce my healthcare costs this year?

You will have the same great cost saving options as last year: 3 health plan choices, the Dupré Wellness Program, & Smart Shopper Options (Pay $0 for services like MRI, Surgery, Labs, and more!).

  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Health Plan Choices: Choose the best plan option for you & your family
  • Dupré Wellness Program: Save $1,448 per year by completing the wellness steps and being tobacco free
  1. Complete a free Biometric Screening between October 22nd and November 24th at a LabCorp facility of your choice. Go online to labcorp.com/findalab to find a LabCorp location near you (Select Employee Wellness with Body Measurements). If you do not have a Lab Corp near you or you have additional questions, please call your local manager for assistance & direction.
    *If you were hired on or after May 1, 2021, your biometric screening during orientation is good through Open Enrollment.*
  2. Meet 3 of the 5 Biometric Health Standards OR Improve your 2021 values by 5% to maintain lower wellness premiums in 2022.
  3. Be Tobacco Free

Benefits of Calling a Quantum Healthcare Coordinator: Your First Call!

As always, when in doubt or need of direction, call Quantum at (888) 641-4144. Their expert team of nurses & benefit specialists are ready to help you navigate your specific healthcare concerns by providing you with a single point of contact and a comfortable environment to ask questions specific to your healthcare needs.

Make sure to call Quantum for services like:

    • Surgery, imaging centers, physical therapy, MRIs, lab work. Pay $0 for Smart Shopper Providers!
    • Musculoskeletal issues like low back pain, shoulder pain, or any other joint pain.
    • Digestive issues: like Acid Reflux, GERD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Gastritis, Crohn’s
    • Monthly medications
    • $0 for TelaDoc
    • 50% off of Diabetes Medications

*Individuals on the HDHP plan will have to meet $1,400 of their individual deductible for these programs.

Call Quantum at (888) 641-4144 to get the care you need and save yourself money in the process!

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