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Dupré Logistics has a rich history as an industry leader in energy transport.

From the beginning operating two trucks to retail gas locations to today where we touch various forms all along the distribution chain, Dupré does more. From source to refinery to retail, we operate equipment and have the capacity to do more throughout the continental United States.

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From distribution point to retail: Dupré Energy Logistics Services operates throughout the Southeast and Southwest. Why do our customers do more with Dupré?

Customer-specific programs

  • Developed based on your requirements
  • Fly under your banner: Dupré will dedicate trucks to you, with your logo and operated per your standards and procedures
  • Metrics according to your needs; reported monthly and quarterly
  • Invoicing options: Electronic delivery confirmations, invoices, etc., via email, FTP, fax or online through Dupré eServices

Dupré experience

  • 99.5+% on-time delivery record from a highly experienced team of managers and drivers
  • 24/7/365 coverage from our entire fleet
  • Safety-focus with standards and training that meet and often exceed Federal regulations
  • Dispatch coverage- avoiding run outs with our process to identify sudden spikes in demand

Technology: allows us to do more for you

  • Spend less or no time scheduling deliveries – remote inventory management services and several methods of data entry
  • Fully automatic Inforum tank-gauging system or let us interface with your system to avoid wasting time obtaining data
  • Load tracking- GPS tracking
  • Electronic logs are in all of our tractors
  • Proprietary workflow to handle electronic loading and delivery tickets
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