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Building a Culture of Safety in Your Supply Chain

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

With it, your supply chain reduces costs, maintains the highest standards of safety, and complies with all government regulations.

Without it…who knows?

We’re talking about a culture of safety. This isn’t just an important part of the process of building a safer supply chain—it’s really the only part. At Dupré Logistics, we focus on building a culture of safety rife with high standards and best industry practices.

The end result: not only is our supply chain safer, but it’s more stable. Our culture of safety ensures that our company doesn’t have to react to the latest regulations because we’re already complying with them. Our drivers don’t constantly have to change their methods. The supply chain is steady, and our customers are happy.

Answering One Simple Question

Ask yourself this: how do you create a culture of safety?

How do you get people to comply with the latest industry standards? How does a company keep on its own toes? Too often, companies feel challenged by the latest changes in safety regulations because they’ve been reacting to the trends rather than working on setting them.

At Dupré, we know the answer, and it’s a multifaceted approach:

  • People.We hire the team members who truly care about safety.
  • Programs.We follow the programs that help us with prevention.
  • Technology.Cutting edge technology today is tomorrow’s standard practice.
  • Training.Investing in your people will always show returns.
  • Accountability.Setting high standards—and holding ourselves to them.

Each facet of our approach feeds into the other in order to create an overall, cohesive culture. It’s not about any one strategy, but about promoting a variety of safety strategies that lets your customers know how important safety is to you.

Is this the kind of attitude you want in your logistics company? If so, continue to explore more about our safety culture here at Dupré Logistics.

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