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Drivers and Leadership Sought for Crude Oil Expansion – Crude Oil Exploration Provides Opportunities for Dupré Logistics

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Since entering into the Crude Oil segment approximately two years ago, Dupré Logistics has found the growing sector of the industry a source of expansion within the company. In the next four to five months, Dupré expects to expand its 90 driver crude oil segment by adding 125 jobs to fulfill the needs of current and expected growth. With midstream companies and crude traders aggressively growing their crude business with the company, Dupré is seeking an aggressive growth for drivers and company leadership in the crude area.

“We have maintained a great safety record and through synergies within the crude industry we have been fortunate to grow our business in this sector,” said Jim Barnett, Vice President of Operations for Dupré Logistics. “With the expansion of our crude business, comes the need to add qualified members of our team,” Barnett continues.

The company will kick off a campaign to recruit qualified, safety-minded drivers and leaders on a number of outlets including Sirius satellite radio within the coming weeks. With a long history of serving as a logistics provider in the energy space, the company sees crude oil opportunities as a viable area of not only current but future growth.

“One of our strategies is to grow our crude and NGL’s business through big relationships with a few selected customers that value safety, service and continuous improvement,” said Earnie Seibert, VP of Sales & Marketing for Dupré Logistics. “Our focus is to be recognized as the premier logistics service provider in the energy space.”

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