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Dupré Logistics Utilizing In-truck Printers

Thursday, October 17, 2013

In an effort to utilize in-truck computers while complying with Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, Dupré Logistics is installing printers into their trucks. For a number of years, Dupré has been utilizing on-board computers for direct client input and communication. The need for paperwork DOT compliance and customer requirements prompted the carrier to explore the option.

“Our initial testing phase showed us that on-board printers would be advantageous for both our clients and the need for a bill of lading as required by the DOT,” says Dupré Logistics I.T. Director Stuart Suffern.

We found that there was a need for not only compact and rugged printers, but technology that is compliant with the on-board computer systems. The printers will be used for creating a bill of lading using a print function from their on-board computer, a delivery receipt for the client personnel at the site as well. This technology integration will eliminate the need for hand-written paperwork that is not updated interactively at the time of delivery or loading.

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