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Dupre Opens Terminal in Douglas, Wyoming

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Today, Dupré Logistics announced the expansion of its Crude Oil Business Group into the Powder River and DJ Basins in Wyoming and Colorado. The group will operate out of a newly purchased Dupré terminal in Douglas, Wyoming with in-house maintenance services to keep Dupre’ equipment with maximum up-time. The company also plans to offer third party maintenance services in the future.

Within a year, Dupré expects the terminal will have in excess of 50 area jobs in the Douglas, Casper, Gillette, Guernsey, Cheyenne and Greeley markets. The new jobs would include professional drivers, maintenance technicians, admin support and leadership positions. Unique to their industry, Dupré drivers are paid hourly allowing for safer service and a more advantageous pay scale that demonstrates appreciation for professional drivers.

“Our team is excited about this geographic expansion and facility acquisition” said Tom Voelkel, President/COO of Dupré Logistics. “We welcome the opportunity to further serve the WY/CO region of the country, allowing us to service our new and existing customers over a larger geographic footprint while attracting the best talent in the industry.”

Voelkel said the expansion presents an exciting growth opportunity in one of the company’s key growth engines — crude oil. With a prestigious record for safety, Dupré Logistics has provided “Safe service that’s Profitable!” since 1980. Customers in the crude oil space choose Dupré because of their safety programs, safety performance and productivity enhancements.

“Forecasters predict in the next 3-5 years current volumes in the Powder and DJ Basins will double. With the addition of this new terminal, we are uniquely positioned to expand geographically and build density in our crude oil business to better serve our valued clients,” Voelkel said.

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