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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Roger

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Michelle Roger

Director of Administration

Lafayette/Corporate Office

Service Group: Strategic Capacity Services

Michelle Roger’s belief in hard work and dedication has been essential to the trajectory of her career. As a result of her strong work ethic, she has taken advantage of the opportunities for growth that Dupré has presented her. More importantly, she will tell you that those same opportunities are why Dupré is a great place to work.

Michelle’s ascent to Director of Administration first began in college where she worked her way up in fast food and then in call centers. In 2003, she joined Dupré as a Project Manager in the Lafayette office. Michelle advanced in the Strategic Capacity Services (SCS) group until 2009 when, as Strategic Account Manager, she left the company for an opportunity with the Louisiana Lottery.  However, in 2013, Dupré brought her back with the company as the Lafayette Branch Manager.

Today, as Director of Administration for SCS, Michelle is a team player collaborating within many areas of the company. She has a strong team focused on pricing and capacity development who work with our SCS sales and operations. Carrier approvals, setups, and collaborations with the operations, sales and other corporate departments are just some of the various other jobs one can find Michelle undertaking around the office.

“Michelle is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever worked with and has acquired a wealth of knowledge about our company over the years,” says Mike Weindel, President, Dupré Logistics. “She is the cornerstone for our SCS operations and is appreciated by all of us.” 

When asked why she chose to return to Dupré, she said, “I have always been inspired by Reggie’s vision for the future of the company. When I left I knew the door wasn’t closed.” It is this open door for opportunity, growth and partnership that Michelle sees as the Dupré difference. “On a routine basis we collaborate and get better as time goes on. We do that as a team, not individually,” said Roger.

Seventeen years ago, Michelle moved from her native Texas to Lafayette, were she resides today. If not scrapbooking with her best friend, Michelle can be found with her husband Casey and their two sons, Braxton and Jaxson enjoying an unplugged weekend camping or, as she says, “glamping” in their RV. Like many, Michelle is happiest when spending time with her family. Fully embracing the Cajun spirit, this transplant also enjoys Cajun dancing with her husband. If you have yet to meet Michelle, two-step to this wonderful person whose story can show you how hard work, collaboration and dedication can help open doors for you!

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