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How 3PL Employees Balance Safety And Efficiency With Smart ELD Applications

Friday, June 07, 2019
Smart ELD Applications

Smartphone technology offers shippers and vendors the ability to pair employees with the devices most appropriate for their daily work. As mobile devices become more sophisticated and diverse, companies are striving to identify the right device for their needs. Smartphones are proving to be a safe and efficient alternative to traditional ELD solutions for supply chain operations. Moreover, they are helping to connect drivers like never before, allowing for easier hours-of-service (HOS) recording.

ELD Applications For Shippers

Many asset-lite carriers leverage smartphone technology to improve the efficiency of shipping management through the use of applications, proprietary programs, and mobile interfaces. These technologies, while complex in design, are simple in application. Smartphone technology uses pings from a driver’s smartphone to create a breadcrumb trail which tracks freight shipments, while applications on the backend enable a driver to capture information to create a proof of delivery. As smartphone technology continues to advance, more large fleets are continuing to invest in the technology.

ELD Applications For Drivers

While tracking applications focus on freight and fleet, other applications are focused primarily on the drivers. It is easier than ever for drivers to keep records of duty service (RODS) in a timely and efficient manner. Smartphones give an open network of carriers the ability to act like a closed-fleet network. Companies are able to get the same kind of status information from a smartphone that would be available via proprietary technology or in a controlled IVMS / ELD global unit. In essence, smartphone technology offers a simpler form of ELD tracking that doesn’t compromise the effectiveness of HOS recording.

Safety As A Top Priority

Since the ELD mandate went into effect, companies are seeking ways to enhance the efficiency of new technology for the industry while maintaining safety as a top priority. Therefore, in recognition of the increased risk of drivers becoming distracted by phones, many ELD applications prevent drivers from changing status while in motion, thus requiring them to pull-over before making any adjustments. Mindful design choices for smartphone ELD applications like this encourage driver safety and ensure HOS reliability.

Dupré And ELD

Recently, Dupré Logistics has partnered with AT&T Fleet Management to utilize cloud-based, IoT telematics technology to help ensure ELD compliance. This allows both drivers and vehicles to be easily tracked in real-time through the use of web platforms. Additionally, Dupré drivers are outfitted with mobile tablets that come equipped with an integrated ELD and HOS application, allowing for easier logging of service hours. The AT&T partnership has also helped bolster customer service by allowing Dupré to report status updates to clients faster than before.

There are numerous other valuable technologies which are drastically impacting supply chain management. To read more about how emerging technologies are changing the way 3PL companies conduct business, please view here.


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