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Great Apps for Supply Chain Managers

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

It’s no secret that we live in a world ruled by technology, and the supply chain industry is no exception.

Technology has become a crutch in our everyday lives; we rely on it for an abundance of reasons ranging from communication to productivity. While society utilizes mobile applications to assist in everyday activities, businesses are also incorporating mobile applications to improve daily efficiency.

Supply chain managers are incorporating applications into daily routines with the increasing options in smartphones and tablets; supply chain managers are able to work remotely. Mobile apps allow managers to oversee all operations from end-to-end in an easier and successful manner.

Mobile applications enable supply chain managers to have mobile GPS monitors on transportation vehicles, keep track of inventory, manage accounts payable and receivable, as well as gaining real-time information on shipping and delivery distribution, which allows work to be processed and completed in a time efficient manner. Gaining information remotely permits employees to communicate with each other regardless of their role within the supply chain.

Inbound Logistics reported “mobile applications are enabling shippers to interface directly and more effectively with logistic partners; access logistics information in non-traditional business settings; and enhance communications where access to a computer is not readily available.

Supply chain management software programs have incorporated mobile applications as a part of their software packages. With a multitude of options, choosing the right app can seem daunting.

To assist in choosing the right application for your business, we narrowed down the top three for supply chain management.

Supply Chain Calculator

To improve efficiency in all aspects of your business, the supply chain calculator is a go-to application to assist in forecasting calculations. According to the Supply Chain Calculator app description, “the forecast is used by the production team to develop production or purchase order triggers, quantities, safety stock levels and a range of other essential planning activity.” The application currently includes21 calculationsto improve forecasting trends such as rate of return, economic order quantity, demand forecast accuracy, sales-to accounts PR, days of stock, perfect order rate, and ordering cost. All calculations are extremely user friendly, simply enter the data and the app calculates the rest.


Fleetmatics application is available on smartphones and tables and allows users to gain real-time locations of their fleets. Not only does the app give GPS locations, but digitally sends pictures to your mobile device, permitting users to see where their fleets are located. According to Fleetmatics website, the application “provides visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and other insights into driver behavior. Reduce operating and capital costs, while boosting revenues.”

The app provides users with vehicle information such as speed, estimated distance from desired location and arrival time, how long a vehicle was stopped, as well as preventative maintenance information to ensure safety. Fleetmatics presents users with an abundance of visuals and safety information, which sets them apart from its competitors.


Xora is known for innovation within mobile business management. The applications cloud based software allows supply chain managers to digitally manage their businesses. The companies website states that Xora mobile apps “enable organizations in the field to see exact locations on a map, dispatch and manage job assignments, use mobile forms to gather data from the field, and simplify the payroll process.” Xora was the first company to incorporate a cloud-based software with its mobile applications.

According to Inbound Logistics, Xora is ahead of its competitors because “the mobile app automatically transmits the data to the Xora cloud-hosted application.” Real-time management results in instant communication between the company and customers, resulting in more efficient results. Xora is the app to use to manage transportation vehicles as well routine business responsibilities.

Mobile applications allow supply chain managers instant access to their business. They no longer have to worry where vehicles are located, when a delivery will be shipped and delivered, or how many orders need to be placed. Around the clock knowledge results in a more efficient supply chain management.

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