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How Dupré Logistics Saved the Day for One Major Food Manufacturer

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The Supply Chain Solution

At Dupré Logistics we pride ourselves on being a leading capacity solutions provider serving an array of industries, not the least of which is food manufacturing. Through our vast experience, expertise and innovative problem-solving approach, we are able to tackle the daily logistics dilemmas this industry faces with ease. This client’s story is a case in point.

The Problem

A major food product company made a strategic decision to modify the packaging method for its signature brand, which meant upgrading their manufacturing and distribution system. This resulted in the formation of a canister manufacturing facility located 65 miles away from the production plant, along with a new distribution center approximately 50 miles from the production facility. The manufacturing facility lacked capacity for the storage of raw materials and finished product .

Dupré’s Approach

Our logistics experts designed an operational model that provided a continuous flow of dedicated assets through the entire system: Moving finished product from the manufacturing facility to the new distribution center; and then utilizing those same assets to collect empty containers at the supply point, returning them to the manufacturing facility.

Dupré’s private fleet service system provided assets and employees that executed continuous movement of materials, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. An on-site management support team complemented the system, integrating services such as spotting, drop lot administration, security and product offloading. This created a continuous flow of product inventory, both finished and raw.

Food-Grade Famous

Dupre Logistics serves a number of food manufacturers, enabling them to operate in the most efficient manner imaginable. In short, we save them time and money.

Working with our experts, your business will experience benefits such as:

  • • Elimination of empty miles
  • • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • • Just-in-time responsiveness
  • • Seamless flow of raw materials and finished product
  • • Maximized efficiency

Always forward thinking, Dupré Logistics anticipates problems and prevents them from ever beginning, making production and transportation tasks seamless from start to finish.

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