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Pay Rates of Truck Drivers Today

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Have you ever passed a semi on the freeway and thought to yourself, “gee, I wonder what those guys get paid?”

While the process of driving a truck might not seem palatable to everyone – indeed, it’s a job with a high turnover rate – truck drivers are like the blood cells that keep the body running. Their importance to business logistics and the national economy as a whole can’t be understated.

So what do these drivers earn on a regular basis, and what might these numbers mean for your business? Let’s take a closer look.

Driver Salary Estimates

According to Noel Perry, managing director at FTR Associates, the average salary of truck drivers rose about 5% last year to the area of $45,000-50,000. Much of the increase was pushed by the lack of manpower – there simply weren’t enough drivers to fill all of the desired positions. The high turnover rate of the industry in general also helps to push the salaries up.

PayScale.com seems to corroborate the numbers, putting their estimates of average salary in a wide range between $28,000 and $63,000, with the median at $42,227. Indeed.com goes a little higher, suggesting an average salary of about $54,000.

Forgotten Factors in Truck Drivers’ Pay

While these numbers suggest a healthy salary for truck drivers, it’s important to remember that driving a truck is a very unique job. Many truck drivers work between 60 – 75 hours per week for their salary under the stress of making their deliveries on time.

Additionally, truck drivers often have to shell out thousands of dollars for a multi-week training course in order to receive the proper certification. And because the minimum age for truck drivers is 21 rather than 18, many students out of high school have to consider other options first.

Life on the road can be difficult for drivers. But Dupre Logistics is one company that understands what they go through – and it’s one reason our driver turnover rate is a fraction of the national average. If you want your logistics to run smoothly, it’s time to focus on your drivers.

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