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Setting Employees Up For Success: Implementing Technology Successfully Through Mindful Training

Monday, December 30, 2019

In a recent webinar, Dupré Logistics CIO, Bob Verret, spoke openly about effective ways to integrate new technology solutions into a company’s operations. Over the years, Dupré has been recognized for their success as a 3PL provider and our ability to implement advanced technology solutions across entire fleets. To this latter credit, Verret spoke about the important role which employee buy-in and strategic training protocol plays in the successful implementation of technology solutions across an organization.

Secure User Buy-In

First when it comes to securing employee buy-in, you must build user cases by aligning performance requirements to operations. This ensures that when technology is integrated into company operations, users will have a clear understanding of how that technology is going to impact the business. This is an important step that is often overlooked, as all of your technology associates need to be accepting of new solutions prior to implementation.

Securing this buy-in from all users and technology associates is achieved by developing a solid training program. At Dupré, we’re strong proponents of the “train the trainer” method.

The Benefits of the Train the Trainer Method

Commercial transportation and shipping companies are faced with certain logistical issues due to the nature of their large mobile workforce. Finding enough training associates can be difficult as is, and coordinating training sessions can be time consuming for managers. Not only that, but employees can be reticent of training if it’s not viewed as meaningful to their performance.

However, the train the trainer method is particularly effective at addressing these issues. In this model, the trainer trains employees in how to use something (such as a new ELD device) while also teaching them how to train other employees. When implemented correctly, this model has many advantages, such as increasing employee engagement and minimizing the time managers need to spend on organizing training sessions. Because this method is well-suited for passing information throughout an organization quickly, it’s particularly effective across large fleet sizes.

Training an Informed Workforce

By providing your employees with insight into your company’s organizational goals and allowing them to communicate these goals to one another through established training protocol, you’re encouraging the cultivation of employee buy-in across an entire workforce and creating synchronous operational alignment. Then, you’re allowing for seamless technology integration and better performance as a result.

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