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Shell names Dupré First to Reach Top Tier on HSSE Requirements – First to Achieve Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Audit Requirements

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On Wednesday March 4, 2014 Dupre’ Logistics was recognized by Shell Trading (US) Company for being the First Road Transport Carrier to reach the Top Tier on the company’s HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental) Audit Requirements. The presentation took place at a Shell Downstream Americas Safety Forum held in Houston, Texas. Carriers from the US were present for the 2-day forum which covered several topics about safe operations.

“Dupré Logistics’ works to provide customized solutions to our business partners ensuring the best service taking into account health, safety, security and environmental concerns,” says Dupré Logistics COO and President Tom Voelkel. “With each of our different partners, HSSE compliance is important to our whole work model. We are proud to have been recognized by Shell in this way.”

Shell launched the HSSE and Social Performance (SP) framework in 2009. Shell’s web site cites the company’s commitment and policy on HSSE and SE as including, “our aim to do no harm to people, to protect the environment and to contribute to the societies where we operate. Our mandatory standards and accompanying manuals support these goals.”

Dupré has been a Logistics Service Provider of hazardous materials for Shell Trading (US) Company since 2011. Utilizing a Logistics Service Provider can not only prove to be a lucrative business decision for an established company — it is a safer approach to creating a committed, cost-effective and, most importantly, safe way to transport hazardous materials.

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