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The Impact of Ecological Disasters on an Industry

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Be honest: when you hear about ecological disasters on the news, how much attention do you really pay to the damage totals? Such high numbers seem to be tossed around on such a routine basis that it’s difficult to understand the very human impact that millions—and even billions—of dollars of damage can do.

That’s why it’s important to recognize that ecological disasters don’t happen in a vacuum. Each ecological disaster doesn’t only affect the people local to the disaster, but the industries that were local to the region. Thanks to logistics and distribution, that means that ecological disasters can affect all of us. Let’s further explore the impact ecological disasters can have on an industry.

Prices and Inefficiencies

The first (and most obvious) effect that a disaster can have on an industry is that of rising prices. Because of the damage done in a disaster, it’s entirely possible that a company – or many companies – will have to compensate by raising prices. Depending on who’s bearing the cost of those higher prices, this means that ecological disasters can have a major impact on other industries, as well.

Another impact an ecological disaster can have on an industry is that many companies will seek solutions and prevention of future disasters. This doesn’t always have a positive effect, particularly when companies seek the cheap-and-easy way out: they try to stretch their dollars and the end-result is not more safety, but less.

Preventing Disasters from Ecological Circumstances

While it’s impossible to totally prevent unforeseen ecological events, it may be possible to prevent the disastrous effects these events can have on industries. That’s why Dupre and other companies stress an importance not only on a business culture of safety, but look to restore greater efficiencies and greater preparedness. For example, we have created a Hurricane Preparedness page  to help people prepare for and cope with hurricanes should they ever come.

Because ecological disasters have such profound effects on the industries they impact, it’s important that industries be ready for these events. Dupre is one company that is preparing for potential disasters, but there’s always more that can be done. See what your company is doing to prepare for an unpredictable future.

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